I seriously do not know what I’m going to do on here, perhaps I’ll put something down about my band?

Good call!

Hey, shall I change the name to Due Vengeance from the Bay?



4 thoughts on “?

  1. Aha, now I understand.
    Mmmm, the picture is of my home town, Colwyn Bay, in the early 70’s.
    I grew up there, leaving its safe familiarity and shabby lines at aged 16 to join the Army.
    That damned Falklands War has a lot to answer for, I can tell you.

    I’ve decided I’m just going to plant some random thoughts on here. You know the type of thing, if something gets on my wick, I’ll put it down. If something is cool, I’ll put it down.
    Nothing serious and , I might add, at the moment only for a select audience of… one!
    Hopefully more will follow, lol.

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