Isn’t that just a great word?


It conjures up memories of old films made in Ealing studios, of Gran’s exaggerated shock at being told something of absolutely no importance by a child, of saucy seaside postcards that young boys giggle about on their way home from school, that young men send to their friends, (in the days when people sent postcards) and old ladies shake their heads at in disdain.


Nowadays people let drop a four letter expletive as if  it means nothing. How often have I heard the “F” word said in front of ladies, of girls and nobody has batted an eyelid? It used to be that people grew out of bad language but nowadays it simply doesn’t happen.

How sad is that?

My German workmates all swear like troopers and love it when I swear in English. Why is that?

OK, they’re working class lads but so what? Does working class automatically mean that they’re brain-dead? Work in a steel mill is hard but also exact nowadays. The wrong measurement, degree of heat or ingredient means a whole batch of steel is flawed and must come back to be melted down and reworked. We’re talking millions of Euros here if one person along the line gets it wrong. So they don’t employ stupid people because they can’t afford to.

However, in the changing rooms and showers after shift the talk is as bawdy as it’s one-tracked. Why is that?

I suppose blokes will always be blokes. I know I’m no different from the others. I like to think I have a creative bent but when it comes down to effing and blinding I’m just as casual about it as any other.

However, wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the days when men never cursed of a lady was present? I think it would.


Reg 🙂


5 thoughts on “Blimey!

  1. To be honest, at the beginning I didn’t like when my (at the time) boyfriend used the F word (which starts with the same letter in portuguese, as well) or the C word (which starts with the same letter, as well).

    He stopped, eventually, for me. He said he still said it amongst male colleagues because they all did and it was impossible to lose the habit completely.

    Then, as I was getting more and more frustrated with my previous work as a web designer I felt myself building up because some of my colleagues were (very) xenophobic and treated me as if I was stupid or insignificant.

    One of my colleagues from the times of University told me that whenever she felt like that she just called names to her colleagues (at the time she was in the UK, now she’s in Germany) in portuguese or just vent Fs and Cs in portuguese.

    I thought that was funny but it wouldn’t do anything for me.

    Until one day… well… one day I was at home, thinking if I should just quit my job or stay for the money… and I said it. It felt unsurprisingly good. Like I knew it all along but wasn’t trying to live up to whatever standard I imagine myself in.

    Since that day, I’m still more or less the same person. I rarely curse (like 1 time a month probably…) but my husband resumed cursing every time he feels like it. Especially when he his talking with me while at work (MSN mostly).

    What can I do, huh?… at least he still curses in portuguese so I don’t feel as embarrassed here in Ireland.

    But why do women feel embarrassed about it? To be honest, it makes him look less intelligent, it reminds me of a teenager. I’m glad he doesn’t do it as much when I’m around.

  2. It is sometimes a nice release but often, and I know from personal experience, we become immune to its effects as the taboo and meaning are diluted by use.
    I still swear but I try to keep it at a minimum; never in front of children, strangers or the girls in my circle of friends.
    I have no idea why women feel embarrassed about the whole swearing thing, however I have no idea about women in general, to be honest.
    They’re a mystery to me now as they were then, as a callow, stuttering youth asking the girls to dance at the school disco and wondering why that wasn’t an invitation to snog our heads off.
    Women, eh? Go figure…

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