Fatigue and the price of beer.

I went to the Fire brigade yesterday.

I’m not really a member, but they let me in because I know them all and I’m the most tolerant neighbour they have. Every first Saturday of the month they have the “Kamaradschafft Abend”, (Comradeship Evening) and they drink until the wee hours, sing old German songs, drink some more and generally have a good time. I’ve been a few times and have invariably left their hallowed halls walking like a new-born giraffe and speaking Greek backwards.

The thing that gets me is the price of beer there. For one 0,33 ltr. beer it cost €1.10. The same beer in the town costs at the cheapest €1.60 and the average price is forty cents on top of that. Yet the Fire brigade make a tidy profit and are in fact rolling in it just from beer alone. Just goes to show how much money is to be made out there.

So it was obviously this massive difference in price that woke the bargain hunter in me and drove me to drink to excess… hence my dizzy fatigue today.

AND… my mate Maik is marrying his long-term girlfriend Angela today, so because the drinks will all be free I’ll probably be drunk again tonight.

Damn this bargain hunting…

Reg 🙂


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