Never again.

Never again.

Not one drop will pass these lips.



5 thoughts on “Never again.

  1. Reg. did you know that you can import all your blog posts from blogspot to this blog here? Why not change to wordpress and remain wit just the one blog?

    You have pretty good themes here, think about it.


  2. Thanks V, but I have no themes here except me whining about hangovers and the price of beer, lol. 😉
    To be honest, I only came to WordPress to be able to read your blog and it sort of went out of control.
    I think somewhere along the lines one of the blogs will die a natural death, just not sure which one yet.

  3. Soooo are ya gonna write on this blog then? Are ya are ya?
    Send over some decent sunshine please. It’s pants here. A bit of this and that. Bikini, pakamac, and brolly needed here during August.
    Ok you’re busy I know. :=)

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