Well, I made it through the night and didn’t even mind when, as I drove past the Fire brigade house, all the drunks waved me off to work; it was sort of funny actually.

My kids were 13 yesterday. We didn’t do much, Danny camped with his mates and Chelsea  wanted to go for a meal with Steph and myself. They’ve both got something planned with their friends in a few weeks so that’s their party sort of thing. 
Bloody expensive though. Danny wanted an aquarium which was 300 euro and Chels wanted a new mobile… another chuffin’ 300 euro   😦 
Ah well, another 5 years to push… lol 

The thing is, you try to instill in your kids the value of money but either they don’t understand the concept of cash not growing on trees or they’re in denial about it.

Nobody wants to say to their kid they can’t have a new Iphone because we can’t afford it, but I’m afraid unpleasant things in life are there to be faced and conquered, like dentists, exams, taxes… OK, OK, you can’t conquer the fear of taxation but you can try. Fair play to my kids though, they’re pretty adult about our financial situation… well as far as self-centred, materialistic, hormone addled teenagers can be.

Germany is an awful place to live if you want to evade paying tax. It’s that mind numbing bureaucracy that the Germans have honed into a fine blade that’ll pick you up every time. To actually live here you are coerced into registering in about 10 different government institutes all of which expect you to pay for the honour of being allowed to sign your name on a form.

In one way I admire their diligence in keeping track of how the nation moves but on the other hand, to what result are they working for?  I’m sure there’s a Teutonic gene somewhere that instills a sense of finicky petulance in all things ordered. I left the army because of the rules for rules sake mentality. Bloody mindedness in our professional betters is also one of the unpleasant things to be conquered but I’m afraid, like taxes and Chelsea beating Portsmouth tomorrow, it’s inevitable.

I’m more of a casual chaos type of guy, to be honest. That’s probably why I don’t see myself as being German even though I live here… and it’s also probably the reason why this post has gone from driving to work to the state of the Prussian psyche…

Have a good weekend peeps.

Reg 🙂


5 thoughts on “Weekend.

  1. I’ll be sleeping one night in Frankfurt and 3 in Mainz.

    I’ll also take the river cruise from Mainz to Cologne, but will stop before in Koblentz, in 27 May, the day we celebrate one year of marriage.

    (sorry for any typos with german names… lol)

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