Blus Spanish Eyes

Recently I’ve had a rebirth in my interest in old songs.

Yes, I love fast, precise drumming, yes I like great guitar solos and yes I like good lyrics, however I also love a good singer. I heard Blue Spanish Eyes the other day on the radio and now it’s going through my head like a dose of Ebola. Check him out, from 1967:

The lyrics are awful, I mean REALLY AWFUL, but his voice makes the song. If you think about it, 90% of all song lyrics are bloody awful. 95% of all songs nowadays  deal in romance and love. Why? I’m not really into protest songs but it seems to me that protest songs are the only genre that actually carry a meaning that one can take to heart. Love, romance, desire are all good things, (I mean, come on, we all love a bit of lovin’) but it’s such a transient feeling that I fail to see how any love song can have the sticking power of lyrics that deal with a tragedy, an injustice or a historical experience… and yet they do.

 For your information, this is a selection of the music I listen to. Some of it heavy, some of it mellow, click on the links and be surprised:

And of course, The King:

The last one was all I could find on YouTube, sorry. It’s a great song though.

So now you know peeps.


6 thoughts on “Blus Spanish Eyes

  1. Peeps is people.
    It was said by character Harry Enfield used to do in the 80’s; Stavros the Greek.
    He’d say, “Hello everybody peeps…”
    It sort of stuck with me.

  2. B.S.E. had been going through my head now for over a week. Unbelievable, I’ve known the song for years but it’s slowly turning into a subconscious obsession! lol.

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