I hate it.

I’ve heard people say that if they were told they would never have to work again they wouldn’t know what to do. WHAT ?!?!!! I cannot believe that anyone could be so two-dimensional, it defies logic. I understand if someone has a job that is also his hobby, a musician or writer for example. Or a carpenter who enjoys making things etc etc, you get the idea.

However, a Joe nobody who works shifts and sits under the Damoclean Sword of his Boss’s will can’t possibly think that, surely?

Well, yes, they can!

I have workmates whose only source of social interaction with other human beings is at work. They talk about the firm, they think about the job when they go “home”, the pinnacle of their lives would be promotion to some pathetic role of chargehand; they literally live for the firm. Which is so sad it should be dressed up in a toga and called a Greek tragedy!

If I was told I would never have to work for money again, for the rest of my life, I think I would cry so hard I would pass blood! The very thought of not going to work is a dream. I could play the drums in a proper band and practise more than once a week. Maybe even play for two bands? I could write whenever I want, maybe spending all morning on the computer and then all afternoon with the family, which leads me to the fact I could spend more time with my wife and kids, (whether they want me to or not, lol) and I could just simply take my holiday whenever I want. Paradise.

I think I’ll start playing the Lottery…

take it easy.

Reg 😉


5 thoughts on “Work.

  1. O bless ya. Did you win?
    I only did the lottery once and I won a tenner !
    My friends in Spain do the euro millions. I guess thats the one you do.
    One day matie…… day.

    I’ve re written and re edited several chapters of the next book in the trilogy, so it’s all done now….

    Maybe I can do another blog soon.

  2. Busy busy busy, Tee!
    I seem to be in a fugue at the moment, struggling to find my inner fire of creativity.

    I actually played online for the German lottery, they do one more or less exactly the same as in Britain.
    It’s pathetic, there’s more chance of an asteroid hitting earth than of me winning millions, but a man has to dream; and my dreams seem to be washing up on the shore of my non-talent quite regularly, lol.

    • Aw it’s only a glitch babes. You work hard for a crust, you’re in a band, writing lyrics/writing books/short stories. You’re just a bit burnt out I guess.
      I got like that a while back and then suddenly found ideas creeping in for storylines. Enjoy the break and your family and mates. it will all happen in time.

      AND AND I’ve done a blog!! Honest guv.

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