Alzheimer’s Disease

As a young trooper in the British Army, I was taken under the wing of one of the funniest, most impulsive, big hearted Corporals in the Regiment.
Ginge Ev, a six foot plus, red headed Iron Maiden fan from Cardiff, knew his job backwards, but despised unnecessary discipline and all the bull that goes with it. A great bloke, he could make two months on exercize in the back of an armoured personnel carrier feel like a laugh-a-day holiday outing. Anyone who knew him, knows what I’m talking about.
Ginge used to regale us with stories about the days before I joined, when the regiment was stationed in Hohne. It seemed that every hair brained rogue who had ever worn the fine uniform of the 1st the Queen’s Dragoon Guards had once run with him and his clique, and the tales were as numerous as they were outlandish and funny.
Sadly he now suffers from Alzheimer’s, a cruel disease that has changed Ginge’s life for ever. I haven’t seen him, my visits to Britain are taken up by my family, but those who have spoken with him say he has good days and bad days. Sometimes he remembers people, places and incidents, other times he simply doesn’t.
It’s hard to reconcile the man who kept us laughing through mock gas attacks, weekend OP’s and all the other miseries we packed into field life with the reports of the guy he has now become.
There’ll be no more, “How you goes, spar?”, said in a faux-Cardiff accent. No more references to Buffalo hunting, Dukes nightclub, “Bit of Business” and all the other “catch phrases” that peppered his, and thus by acquisition, our conversation. I don’t think it’s being over dramatic to say that it’s pretty tragic for anyone to lose that much of their identity, especially when the personality of that identity was so big.
Anita, his lovely wife has taken upon herself to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society, which is the reason for this post.
You probably don’t know Ginge, but any disease that can hollow out a character like him must be stopped, or funded to make it stop.
Please follow the link and give generously.
Thanks in advance.


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